• Sadie Meowsalot

    • Clone gunner comanda jedilol

    •  2:04Shaun204:P

    •  2:04Clone gunner comanda jediD:

    •  2:04Shaun204anybody have a sigfig? i dont

    •  2:04Lair of Rockwhalesugh

    •  2:04Clone gunner comanda jedii do

    •  2:05Shaun204brb

    •  2:05Alien destroyerHow do i tell lair im not DEVESTATER?

    •  2:06Clone gunner comanda jediyour destroyer

    •  2:06Alien destroyerLair doesnt know that.. . • Sadie Meowsalot has joined the chat.

    •  2:07Sadie MeowsalotHello, Dev.

    •  2:07Alien destroyerGreat... now lair starts calling me an idiot

    •  2:07Clone gunner comanda jedihello

    •  2:08Lair of RockwhalesDude. I'm sick of your garbage so I'll say it in public for everyone to see:

    •  2:08Clone gunner comanda jediwho's garbage?

    •  2:08Alien destroyerClone gunner comanda jedi, how do i tell lair …

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