I guess there are quite a lot out there who watched that recent Football Worldcup match. For those who didn't: You really missed something. If you supported Germany.

The match started with a foul and a goal - for Germany, and from Mueller. I've heard that was the fastest goal in the world cup 2010 and the second-fastest goal ever for Germany in a world cup match. Good thing: Argentina was perplexed. Bad thing: we've gone with that 0:1 into the break.

After the break we really got into that match. I'm not saying Argentina played rubbish - they did really good. But still, it seemed as if it wasn't enough. 0:2, 0:3 and finally 0:4; man, that really was fantastic! Still, Mueller got his second yellow card and misses next match, against Spain. By the way, did you know that the trainer of Argentina, Diego Maradonna, once gave a press conference but wanted to leave it as he saw Mueller, since he didn't know who he was...

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