Yay! Another blog post from me!

This is one of my few blog posts. I haven't done many before and I probably won't do many after this. But I think this needs to be said.

For the first time in my life I have experienced one thing: LEGO summer sets first being available for, no, not Americans, not Canadians or any other. No, the first sets being available for people who live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

You may now think "That's it? He created a blog post for that one matter?". Yes, that's it. It's probably not a great deal for many of you, but I was constantly mourning over the fact that (especially) the American people can get their hands on LEGO summer and winter sets long before they get released in Europe (sometimes that's three months later). In the most cases there have already been at least two reviews for every set of a line, and leaked images for the upcoming winter/summer sets have also been released and discussed, before I could even see any of the current sets in my stores' shelves.

"Justice has been done." Well not really, but I'd really like to see this happening more often, instead of watching all the happy Americans in the internet get their sets three months earlier and me trying to figure out why European countries don't get them at least at the same time.

(You can probably guess from this blog post that I live in Germany.)

By the way, the sets I am talking about are the Hero Factory summer sets on LEGO shop and in a Berlin store (see BZPower for the news).

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