• I live in Energy Castle
  • I was born on November 1
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am King of Worlds
  • SamisFusion

    Hello Can anyone make a LEGO Superheroes Crossover Game

    HOW Use all of the LEGO Superheroes set you have Take a photo of it Put it on Brickipedia Post it in the comments


    No Copying others 1 entry per user Ends August 22nd

    AWARDS 1st Platinum 2nd Gold 3rd Silver 4th Bronze

    Like always i will send it to your talk page

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  • SamisFusion

    Batman vs. Joker Superman vs. Lex Luthor Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Robin vs. Two-Face Shazam! vs. Black Adam

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  • SamisFusion

    Hello Can anyone make a epic elf kingdom for the Brix Kingdom

    RULES:Can use LDD or Bricks you have Ends November 11th

    AWARDS: Platinum 1st Place Gold Award 2st Place Silver 3rd Place Bronze 4th Place

    If you win an award i will send you it through talk page

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  • SamisFusion

    Hi, if any one wants to help on LEGO Everything The Video Game, Just Contact me. There is Star Wars,Indiana Jones,Batman,Bionicle,Pirates of the Caribbean,Harry Potter,Pharaohs Quest,Super Heroes,Collectable Minifigures,Spongebob,The Adventures of Aweesomeknight,Agents And Ninjago

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  • SamisFusion


    June 25, 2011 by SamisFusion

    The Aliens are: Alien X Big Chill Brainstorm Cannonbolt Chromastone Diamondhead Echo Echo Ghostfreak Goop Humongosaur Jetray Lodestar Rath Spidermonkey Swampfire Upchuck Way Big AmpFibian Armodrillo Benmummy Benvictor Benwolf ChamAlien Ditto Eye Guy Fasttrack Four Arms Grey Matter Heatblast Nanomech NRG Ripjaws Stinkfly Terraspin Upgrade Water Hazard Wildmutt Wildvine XLR8 Articguana Atomix Buzzshock Clockwork Eatle Eon Sandbox Shellhead Snakepit Spitter Toepick Ultimate Ben Ultimate Big Chill Ultimate Cannonbolt Ultimate Echo Echo Ultimate Humongosaur Ultimate Spidermonkey Ultimate Swampfire Ultimate Wildmutt

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