• Sapphowako

    Lego GAR

    December 4, 2012 by Sapphowako

    I would like to design a Lego version of the Grand Army of the republic, but alas, it is too much for one man to do. Therefore, I would like YOU, (yes, you staring at your computer screen eating chips.) to help. This thing will be taken in small steps, and will contain many, many pictures. First, I would like to do something easy, and come up with units within the 501st legion, a very iconic legion which went on to become Vader's Fist. I will be using Torrent Company, which is Captain Rex's Company. To start, use Wookieepedia to read up on the 501st. I am assuming, so that you people can be more creative, that every named trooper is in Torrent Company. Be creative in unit names/designs of troops. If adding color to troopers, the color must…

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