I would like to design a Lego version of the Grand Army of the republic, but alas, it is too much for one man to do. Therefore, I would like YOU, (yes, you staring at your computer screen eating chips.) to help. This thing will be taken in small steps, and will contain many, many pictures. First, I would like to do something easy, and come up with units within the 501st legion, a very iconic legion which went on to become Vader's Fist. I will be using Torrent Company, which is Captain Rex's Company. To start, use Wookieepedia to read up on the 501st. I am assuming, so that you people can be more creative, that every named trooper is in Torrent Company. Be creative in unit names/designs of troops. If adding color to troopers, the color must be blue, specifically bright blue. Any Phase clone trooper can be used, but only standard clone troopers. You may have any vehicle, but you must have a proper crew for those vehicles. LAAT's are assumed to be support units on top of the regular units, and should not be included. ARC troopers are also not needed.

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