• I live in Sydney, Australia
  • My occupation is Lego enthusiast
  • Shadowwarrior016

    Hello and welcome. Today I am writing about how sellers charge so much for a discontinued set on Ebay or other websites. It irritates me that I can't get my dream set (10182 Cafe Corner) without having to fork out over $1000 for it when the same item was on sale for a quarter of the price. Sure the sellers need to have a profit, otherwise they would be out of buisness, but you don't need to charge that much. The Cafe Corner set is way too expensive for me to buy so I will never get that set again. Also people who actually spend $1000 on the set will probably never open it so they can wait and try to sell it in another 15 years for around $3000. Which is a real shame because lego's motto is play well and that isn't what I call play well, st…

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