Hello and welcome. Today I am writing about how sellers charge so much for a discontinued set on Ebay or other websites. It irritates me that I can't get my dream set (10182 Cafe Corner) without having to fork out over $1000 for it when the same item was on sale for a quarter of the price. Sure the sellers need to have a profit, otherwise they would be out of buisness, but you don't need to charge that much. The Cafe Corner set is way too expensive for me to buy so I will never get that set again. Also people who actually spend $1000 on the set will probably never open it so they can wait and try to sell it in another 15 years for around $3000. Which is a real shame because lego's motto is play well and that isn't what I call play well, storing something for around 10-20 years never being opened. I have 10185 Green Grocer and I proudly display it among my other sets.

But were not just talking about the Cafe Corner. Every unopened set which is more than 5 years old is worth at least double the amount of what it cost originally. From City to Star Wars, Belville to Duplo, from Technic to Mindstorms they have all increased in value. I guess you can't help man and his greed.

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