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  • Sharnihendry

    Lego Legends of Chima : Rebellion is a full-length movie and requiem story of Kida, who was away after she has a faithful wish. Laval must bring her back after her death. After Kida's death, Laval teams up with Sayaka, Eris, Worriz and Cragger to save our princess from witches. Laval will change our wishes before Kida's heart has frozen. After Kida's body was removed, She transformed into a demon witch and her heart was weak. Laval finds himself into a witch world when she was created and A demon witch named Vendra Ventress.

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  • Sharnihendry

    Princess Returns

    February 4, 2014 by Sharnihendry

    After Kida's death, Laval must bring her back before she will return. Susie was fell alone after she has changed her family curse. Kida has returned in Season 2 and Episode 25.

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  • Sharnihendry

    Princess Elsa

    September 6, 2013 by Sharnihendry

    Elsa is Laval's long lost friend, ruler of Chima. After she running away from ceremony, Elsa has icy powers and water powers and destroyed Chima. Elsa looks young, wise and powerful, She has changed her fate and her passion.

    Elsa finds herself to create her own icy palace for 34 years, Belongs her mother and her grandfather. Become a queen, She was Daughter of Chima.

    Before she was born in kingdom of Arendelle, Crocodiles raided her village and take the children away.

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