Soooo...... Frindzz 2014 thoughts!

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Got inspired by some other blogs: thought I had to make one, too! Let's start!

Lemonade Mouth

41027 alt1

Sooo. not much to say, just lemonade... lemonade... vespa... lemonade... stand... Mia... Mug... Oh, forgot to say: COOKIES! Possibly good set, want lemonade, cookies & vespa! Let's move on:

Dolphinzz beach

41028 alt1

Loook!!! Emma! There's dolphins! well; Emma has apparently become a lifeguard! Aren't she too young!? well; tiny surfboard-thingy, dolphin, yay! and a huge parazzoll!

Juize bar

Juice (1)


Is that Cloud Cuckoo Palace? NO! seems like LEGO want some refreshment! Yeah, Andrea, and NAYA? really don't know how to spell that name... N-a-y-i-a, N-a-i-a, or N-a-j-a? Idk...

Beach houzze


So... Yay! A new KATE!!11!!!!!11 Have Stephanini become a golfer! NO! lawl! so Yes! Finally a bleach house! LOVE the colour schhheeeemmme or however you say it! lawl! Let's lawl on!

Well please don't delete this: Just for fun; now, seems that we're getting some good sets! ;) Bye!

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