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I'm trying to do somthing new, and if you will have the newsletter on your talk page. If you want sign your username in the comments. Here is a taste:


(February, 2013 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Edition)

Monthly News

31012DeToyFair 60014ToyFair

More 2013 Toy Fair™ pictures revealed, this is the new Creator™ house & the new City™ Coast Guard™ ship.

Monthly Expectings

41015 1792 Pleasure Cruiser 5848-1

People was expecting the Friends™ Dolphin Cruiser pink, purple and smaller like the 1792 Pleasure Cruiser, but the ship is sand yellow & white with nice details & windows! It is a bit similar to The Belville™ Luxury Cruiser, but more white and blue.

Monthly Theme

The monthly theme is:


Monthly Vids & Pics

The featured video:

Lego Pirates The Islanders00:30

Lego Pirates The Islanders


The featured picture:



Next edition is coming in March!

~ Sibo, Balin, at your service ~

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