New RP!! Credits to King Kahuka, for giving me the right to launch this new RP: Tolkien RP!

Do not confuse this with Castle RP, this is for Tolkien's universe: only! This is mainly about Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, Wizards (Istari, Maiar) Men, Orcs and so on! If you want to be an Elf, a Dwarf, or an Hobbit, follow these three links:


Almot same as the Castle RP:

  • Users can get hurt, (but no death if not you are, or create, a minor character, then it can die), and jailed.
  • Do not escape the prison. If you get a Key from an admin, you're free.
  • No indestructible weapons. Even treasures and relics can be destroyed.
  • Must not mention anything modern. Please, no Doctor Who. :S
  • Do not use any Modern Warfare or Weapons. If you want this, then go play resident evil, this is a Tolkien Roleplay.
  • Do not beg for Roleplay Adminship.
  • Do not base or create anything off this blog. Unless you are a Roleplay Admin.
  • Do not mention or use anything outside of Tolkien's Universe. Very little enables the ability for use of outside-of-theme objects.


Information is given, so that the user understands what he/she should do before starting.

Introducing yourself

A player must introduce himself through a blog comment here before proceeding into areas (which are blogs too)

How you should give info on your character:

  • Name (Your username):
  • Weapons:
  • Armor (Optional):
  • Clothing:
  • Personality (Optional):
  • Magic (Do not enter this unless you are a Maiar or an Elf):
  • Home:
  • Race:

RP admins

RP Admins can add notes.

We will ask on chat if one more want to become a RP Admin.


  • Please keep in mind that YOU HAVE TO BE FRIENDLY.

Motivation Pictures

I will post motivation pictures here.

Let's get it started!


  • Name (Sibo2808): Balin the Blue
  • Weapons: Wizard staff
  • Armor: Nothing
  • Clothing: Light blue/Dark blue clothes
  • Personality: Wise, leader-type: Elvish relatives
  • Magic: Can speak with animals, healing, etc.
  • Home: Living with other wizards
  • Race: Istari, Maiar
  • Note: My character may change.

  • Name: (King Kahuka) Garanhon IronArm
  • Weapons: Axe, Dwarven Sword
  • Armor: Dwarven Chestplate, Dwarven Leggings
  • Clothing: Grey Blacksmith Shirt, Brown Pants
  • Personality: Brave
  • Home: Moria
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Note: My arm was burnt to a crisp by orcs, i tore off the arm of iron armor and plated my burnt arm.

  • Name: (Epic-Space-Hoodie-Guy) Nezorath
  • Weapons: Nazgul Sword
  • Armor (Optional): Similar to sauron's, but not a lot of plating.
  • Clothing: Nazgul Cloak
  • Home: Mordor
  • Race: Nazgul

  • Name:(Bustpaag) Johtovor
  • Weapons:Iron hammer
  • Armor:
  • Clothing:Brown clothes
  • Personality:funny,drunk
  • Magic:none
  • Home:unknown(He travels)
  • Race:Dwarf

  • Name (LEGOcrazy!01): Marcane the Red
  • Weapons: Wizard Staff, Mace
  • Armor: Dark Mihril Chest Armor
  • Clothing: Dark red robes
  • Personality: Nice, friendly, lonely
  • Magic: Flames, Teleportation, Shapeshifting
  • Home: Anywhere
  • Race: Maiar with the form of an Elf

  • Name (Legoman27): Athore
  • Weapons: Mace
  • Clothing: Chain armor in grey black pants
  • Personality:Aggressive and evil
  • Home: Doesn't have one
  • Race: Goblin/Gundabad orc
  • Note: Rides a huge bear.

  • Name (Jeksith337): Daniel
  • Weapons: Sterben
  • Clothing: dark red shirt, red vest, and light brown pants
  • Personality: Partially hostile, sensible
  • Magic: Elven-made Black-Sword
  • Home: Draberka
  • Race: Human/Draberkian
  • Note: Ascendent of Daniel of Redengard

  • Name (Darthleapyous): Mormokum (meaning "Black Hatred" in the Black Speech)
  • Weapons: Large Flail
  • Armour: Spiky black iron armour forged in Moria
  • Clothing: Warg skin
  • Personality: Evil, Violent, Brutal, Powerful
  • Home: Moria
  • Race: Large Orc like Azog
  • Note: Chieftain of Moria Orcs

  • Name (Brick Lord): Lord Maloblade
  • Weapons: Magic staff
  • Armor: Dark armor
  • Clothing: Chain armor black pants
  • Personality: Evil and hostile
  • Magic: Summoning malo soldiers, Shooting lightning, fire balls and summoning evil spirits
  • Home: Fortress of darkness
  • Race: Maiar
  • Note: Head is hard to make

  • Name (Debestdwarfever): Ori the Brown
  • Weapons: Staff
  • Armor:
  • Clothing: Brown hat, and clothes
  • Personality: Wise
  • Magic: Can speak with animals
  • Home: Living with hobbits
  • Race: Maiar

  • Name (LEGOlas): Legolas
  • Weapons: Elven knives,Elvish bow
  • Clothing: light green shirt, light grey pants, quiver, and a cape
  • Personality: sensible,funny at times
  • Magic: Elven magic
  • Home: Mirkwood
  • Race: Wood Elf
  • Note: Son of Thranduil,king of Mirkwood

  • Name (Candir the Black): Candir Darkhaven, the Black Wizard
  • Weapons: Staff, Elvish Sword
  • Armor: Mithril Chain Mail
  • Clothing: Black Robes and Tunic, Black Pants, Dark Leather Boots
  • Personality: Logical, Wise, Sensible, Rather Quiet, a good leader
  • Magic: Black and White Magic, Elven Magic, Necromancy, etc.
  • Home: Dol Gurdur, Mirkwood, Orthanc
  • Race: Istari, Maiar in the form of an Elf
  • Note: He is an ally of the 5 wizards, but roams Middle Earth hunting the Witch-King of Angmar

  • Name (LEGOCyborg12): Cymer the Blue
  • Weapons: Magic staff
  • Armor: Mithril Armor
  • Clothing: Blue Mage Robes
  • Personality: Good and Friendly
  • Magic: Controll the Sea,summon tsunamis,Breath underwater
  • Home: Fort in the Sea
  • Race: Maiar
  • Notes: I Can transform into sea creatures

  • Name (Ninjaguy Kai): Kaiyura
  • Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Daggers
  • Armor: Mithril Armor
  • Clothing: Black Cape and Gold Armour, as a double layer
  • Personality: Quiet and Sly
  • Magic: Can heal wounds, even when they are fatal
  • Home: Treehouse close to Mirkwood
  • Race: Elf
  • Notes: He has a strong hatred of Goblins

  • Name (Brunito's): Gurzak Rur
  • Weapons: Scimatar, big axe
  • Armor: none
  • Clothing: Helmet, uruk-hai legs and mordor torso.
  • Personality: Vengative, inflexible, evil.
  • Magic: none
  • Home: Dol Guldur and Mordor
  • Race: Black Uruk, Uruk hai of Mordor
  • Note: He is a notable Uruk chieftan, feared by his legion. He servedKhamul at Dol Guldur but now is one of the chieftans of the tropos of Barad-Dur

  • Name: Filma Took (PatrickSt789)
  • Weapon(s): The Sting
  • Clothing: Hobbit Robe
  • Personality: Charming, Serious, Funny
  • Home: The Shire
  • Race: Hobbit

  • Name: (Mr.Brix) Nodor Silverleaf
  • Weapons:Elven Sword, Bow, Daggers
  • Armor : Elven Mail
  • Clothing: Elven armor
  • Personality: Smart, Quirky, Crazy
  • Magic: None
  • Home: Lotherian
  • Race: Elves

The timeline is AFTER the quest to Erebor, and BEFORE the destruction of the One Ring.

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