So, i've seen a bit of a rise in rant blogs and i'm gonna make one. One thing that has been bottled up is something i wanna tell you. . . NOTE: This is just my opinion. So, ever since legends of chima was revealed we all pretty much new it's replacing ninjago, I think that there will be some fans calling into LEGO and going: "Hey, you replacing Ninjago with this steamin' piece o crap?" Now, i kind of feel like those fans, because not only is it the only good LEGO Theme going on. but with that rise for themes having "collect all # (item) to save the world!" But it kinda put a bit more backdrop too, i mean it tells us the backstory for Ninjago, also it's creative. when have you seen vehicles combined in a Historic-type asia? I haven't seen that implemented into a LEGO theme yet. But, i dont really know the whole story for LOC but, i bet it's something about collecting stuff. so why was i bashing the theme? i dont know.

Side notes

  • The end of ninjago is one of the things i dread about 2013.

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