• Sima1234

    War of Godes part 1

    June 15, 2012 by Sima1234

    Olympus the house of Greek Gods, host of the king of Asgard Odin and his son Thor. But that day the sky was black, it wasn't good, the fires of Olympus didn't burn like always. "What is this Zeus why are the fires not burning" Odin asked, "I don't know cousin but I do not like it" said Zeus. Doors opened and a servant comes in with messenger balls, shadows come out of them and a man on horse like creature starts speaking: "Zeus lord of thunder King of Olympus I Sir-Lord Nalugort son of Veleshar lord of darkness declare war on you and Asgard I'll take Heart of Fire from the enchanted city of Flarem". He made one move with his hand and the city fell into the ground. Prepare the army Zeus yelled...

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