Now if you haven't been with us for the past 3 weeks, Lloyd is the Green Ninja, (maybe adopted, but if not, then his dad was abusive and he wants to be good.) so, he is the element of Nature, (Nature = Fire, Rock, Lightning Ice.) thus the green outfit. But I wonder, will his card have max ALL elemental stats? because, I think, (until the next big thing in Ninjago comes.) He HAS to be the strongest spinner you could have, don't you think? also, for the sake of someone who missed out on the news, I'll include photos.


(also, the Green ninja is full grown AKA, normal legs, will Lloyd go into a growth spurt when he goes green?)


note: don't be fooled, it's not Jay, just Lloyd.


Prototype package. (note, card is just a Cole ZX with some modifications, hopefully will be fixed.)

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