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    2013 has the potential to be a very influential year in LEGO, both in good ways and bad. One particular cause of controversy among LEGO fans is the upcoming theme Legends of Chima, which deals with warring humanoid animals, described by many as a Fabuland-esque style.

    Plenty of these fans are sad to see one of LEGO's recent successes, Ninjago, come to an end; mixed reactions are abound. In this first edition of 2013 in LEGO, I will examine the building style and possible appeal of these sets.

    70500 Kai's Fire Robot, like 9440 Venomari Shrine, is a great little set that may serve as an introduction to the theme for those who are new to LEGO, or an entertaining build for skilled builders. Built in a style resembling 9448 Samurai Mech, the robot…

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  • Sir REX

    Greetings fellow Brickipedians! I intend to have a grand contest that challenges the imagination and building skills of its participants.

    The rules follow the standard rules of any contest: for example, only enter something that YOU have made, don't steal anybody else's idea, etc.

    For this contest, you must draw or make a minifigure based on the description I give. The one that I think matches the description best will be the winner. You will be able to draw something, use LDD, real pieces, custom pieces, and Paint, or any other editing software. In order for me to best judge your entries, you must give a full view of the figure, including front view, at least one side view, back view, and any other photos you feel are necessary to showcase …

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    A new LEGO Cuusoo project has been approved, the EVE Online Ships - Rifter! If all goes well, it should be reviewed and, hopefully, be made into an official LEGO product!

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    I am thinking about making a batch of custom minifigures:

    • A custom Peasant with a custom scythe blade and painted "boots."
    • A custom Archer with a custom tunic, possibly hair, and cape.
    • A custom Pikeman with a custom helmet, face, tunic, armor and boots, and maybe a custom spear.
    • A custom Swordsman with custom armor, shield, and possibly sword.
    • A custom Cavalier (essentially like a mounted Swordsman) with custom armor, lance, and horse barding.
    • A custom Paladin with custom helmet, shoulder armor + front body armor that allows for a custom cape, with waist armor.

    However, I have a few questions, as I currently do not know enough about expert manufacturing of custom-made LEGO pieces in order to have great confidence in this undertaking:

    • 1: I'm a bit …
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    Recently, there has been an amazing product idea on LEGO Cuusoo based on the Back to the Future Trilogy that has steadily been gaining supporters. However, recently, the number of supporters has declined.

    If you like the project, please, do not hesitate to support the project; it needs all the supporters it can get in order to reach the looming 10,000 mark!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and/or support the project (if you wish to do so). Here is the link:

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