Greetings fellow Brickipedians! I intend to have a grand contest that challenges the imagination and building skills of its participants.

The rules follow the standard rules of any contest: for example, only enter something that YOU have made, don't steal anybody else's idea, etc.

For this contest, you must draw or make a minifigure based on the description I give. The one that I think matches the description best will be the winner. You will be able to draw something, use LDD, real pieces, custom pieces, and Paint, or any other editing software. In order for me to best judge your entries, you must give a full view of the figure, including front view, at least one side view, back view, and any other photos you feel are necessary to showcase your figure. You may only have one entry, but if you aren't satisfied with your previous entry, you may take it down and post another one (however, you must notify me).

The contest runs from May 1, 2012, to September 1, 2012, when I will examine all the entries and determine a winner.


Head resembling a Xenomorph from the Alien series (with the back portion of the head not hanging down), body resembling a humanoid shape, but with widespread fingers that end at a point like a needle (if you're making a physical minifigure, you can just use the standard minifigure hands). It doesn't have feet, but rather, many tentacles.

It's color is a shade of violet with "standard" color eyes, or a shade of foggy black or foggy dark grey with shiny red eyes.

Good luck!

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