I am thinking about making a batch of custom minifigures:

  • A custom Peasant with a custom scythe blade and painted "boots."
  • A custom Archer with a custom tunic, possibly hair, and cape.
  • A custom Pikeman with a custom helmet, face, tunic, armor and boots, and maybe a custom spear.
  • A custom Swordsman with custom armor, shield, and possibly sword.
  • A custom Cavalier (essentially like a mounted Swordsman) with custom armor, lance, and horse barding.
  • A custom Paladin with custom helmet, shoulder armor + front body armor that allows for a custom cape, with waist armor.

However, I have a few questions, as I currently do not know enough about expert manufacturing of custom-made LEGO pieces in order to have great confidence in this undertaking:

  • 1: I'm a bit of an ambitious perfectionist when it comes to LEGO building, so I was wondering, since I don't want to use non-plastic materials, what type of plastic would be best to use in order to be as close to a normal LEGO piece as possible, and where might I obtain it?
  • 2: How would I make the molds for the pieces (with parental supervision, of course :P)?
  • 3: What type of cloth should I use for making capes, and how would it be best to handle and shape it to the desired length, etc.?
  • 4: I've heard that vinyl dye is the best thing for changing the color of pieces, but what if I only need to change a small portion of the pieces (e.g. The Peasant's boots)? What would be the closest to the printing on normal pieces?

Also, just in case you need some extra information, I want the figures themselves to resemble these: [1] Thanks!


  • Peasant
    • Brickforge Custom Sickle: 1/1
    • Custom decals: 1/2 (made, but not printed)
    • Base Minifigure: 0/1
  • Archer
    • Brickforge Custom Tr. Blue Longbow: 1/1
    • Custom decals: 1/2
    • Custom "short" cape: 1/1
    • Custom archer tunic: 1/1
    • Base Minifigure: 0/1
  • Pikeman
    • Brickforge Custom Bronze Elven Spear: 1/1
    • LEGO Morion Helmet: 0/1
    • Custom tunic: 1/1
    • Custom decals: 1/2
    • Base Minifigure: 0/1
  • Swordsman
    • Helmet: 0/1
    • Armor: 0/1
    • Brickforge Custom Gladius: 1/1
    • Shield: 0/1
    • Custom decals: 0/2
    • Base Minifugre: 0/1
  • Cavalier
    • Helmet and feather: 0/2
    • Armor: 0/1
    • Custom Lance: 0/1
    • Brickforge Custom Reins: 1/1
    • Custom Decals: 0/2
    • Barding: 0/1
    • Base Minifigure: 0/1
    • Base horse: 0/1
  • Paladin
    • Armor: 1/1 (thank you Brickforge for replacing the defective piece!)
    • Cape 2.0: 1/1
    • Custom helmet and feather: 0/2
    • Brickforge Custom Soverign Sword: 1/1
    • Waist Armor: 1/1

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