• Skippybob74

    Bye Brickipedia!

    April 13, 2011 by Skippybob74

    Goodbye Brickipedia, It is an honor and a pleasure to assist you great people of our nation. I have been pretty busy so here I go. I have a message for each one of you.

    • , you haven't done much here, but if you return we will honor you forever.
    • -starwarsninja-: I haven't got to know you much, but you are a great contributor and hope to see you more often.
    • 1337doom: I don't know if you have ever even edited here, but I know your personality and it is the heart of gold.
    • 1423Wolfpack: Only two words can explain you "You are awesome!"
    • 1999bug: Despite your name, you haven't ever bugged us, but you have been a great contributor and even a greater friend hear ye hear ye 1999bug!
    • 242oak: 242oak, I remember you from the message boards, you had s…
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