This is my first try at a custom blog, I wanted to make it different from the other ones so I thought cartoons!(plus I love cartoons) Taking requests :), BUT ONLY TV SHOWS, NOT FILMS Some of these tv show's I'll do will be alot older then me like, all of the OTHER'S probally will be I will get back to this blog, when we move.

Warner Bros

Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Porky Pig
Twittie Pie
Granny Looney Tunes
Road Runner
Coyote 1
Scooby doo
Catwoman BTBATB
Bugs BunnyDaffy DuckPorky PigTweety PieSylvesterLolaGrannyRoad RunnerCoyoteTazScooby DooCatwoman (Brave and The Bold)

Nick toons

Tommy Rugrats


The minifigures I have done so far are from flims, but there still animated

Jessica and Rodger Rabbit
ChipRodger and Jessica Rabbit


April, smile
Classic April O' Neil

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