Hello, Brickipedians. I saw that the current logo shows the green ninja, a character in the Ninjago series. For several months, I have been planning a project that I thought people would like to be aware of on here.

For those of you who may have still enjoyed the Ninjago TV show and/or wanted a more serious view on it, then this news will probably be good to you. I am going to be directing a Ninjago stop-motion film based on the storyline that will still be close to the TV show in a way, but will ultimately present a more serious look on it. I am hoping for the film to be released in 2014. Anyway, stay tuned to the project via my YouTube channel, LordStarscream100. I am also aiming to make it my first LEGO film with voice actors, and although the casting call for the film is just about complete, I will make it my goal to get you a role in it as well. Please say if you're interested in voicing a character in the comments below. Thanks, and again, stay tuned to the film's production!

--Starscream7 01:34, May 11, 2013 (UTC)

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