Another day, another blog.

Well, for a while I've been wanting to build Pre-Mutation versions of the Barraki (Or post-cure, if that's what you prefer, but Carapar died before he could be cured). Anyway, I thought the first priority was to figure out what masks to use. When asking for opinions on the chat earlier, some people said that they pictured the Barraki to be organic. I find that take interesting, and is something that deserves to be explored by another builder (Maybe one of you guys?). But remember, this is my envisionment. All I ask right now is what you think of my mask choice, and your suggestions if you think one of them doesn't look right.

Barraki Masks 2

If you want to know their names, here they are from left to right: Mantax (Black), Pridak (White), Ehlek (Green), Carapar (Brown), Takadox (Blue), Kalmah (Red)

Barraki- T 2

Also, about Takadox's mask, I might be using it in an upside-down position like this, except in blue, like the one in the other picture.

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