Ok. I'm making a Chima fan fiction story. The main character is Crawley, and, being the other "henchman", Crug is Crawley's best friend. Crawley has his vehicle, the Reptile Gripper. (I call it the Claw Ripper by it's prototype name because it sounds cooler/more unique. I also call Cragger's Command Ship by it's original name, Cragger's Croc-Boat Headquarters, for the same reason.) Anyway, Crawley has his vehicle, but what about Crug? Crug should have a vehicle. (Preferably about the same size or slightly smaller than Crawley's vehicle)

So, here's my task for you: Make a vehicle for Crug.


  • No stealing for other users, official LEGO models, blah, blah, blah. That should be obvious. Be original.
  • Try to make the character with Crug, if that makes sense. Try to make the vehicle specialized to him.

(Example: Crawley's vehicle is the same color and has lots of spikes.) Give the vehicle a cool name. That will be one of the things we will be judging on.

  • Both LDD and real bricks are allowed. Post as many pictures of your MOC as you want, but don't be too excessive about it. You can post the pics in the comments or you can make a Customs page for it and give a link in a comment. (about 6-15 pics are fine)
  • Have fun! :D


  • Me
  • Bug
  • idk yet :P


I'll post them later on.

End date

February 28, 2013

Note 1: If you plan to enter the contest, please post a comment saying so, so that I know who to expect entries from.

Note 2: You've probably seen my MOC of Crug's vehicle. Don't take from that. try and make up your own idea.

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