Well, I was invited to this MOCpages contest, and the idea is to make something that symbolizes Brickipedia. So, I thought, what represents Brickipedia more than it's users interacting with each other? So that's what I'll do. A representation of people on the wiki chat. I'd like to use actual user's sig-figs, so I will be making some custom sig-figs, just like Nuff and DH! Hooray! :D I'll start with 6 people, and continue from there if I can. Provide a link to an image of your sig-fig for me to base it off of. Even though the signup is numbered, I won't be doing this in any order. Here's the signup-

  • 1- Henry
  • 2- Neo
  • 3- Bug
  • 4- CM4S
  • 5- Tarkairadan
  • 6- Czech

Please don't complain about your sig-fig, I try my best. Remember, I'm a BIONICLE builder, I never really got many system sets, so I don't have the greatest minifig collection. Also, if you're one of the people in the contest, don't steal my idea. And I don't want to hear "But I thought of it first" either. And lastly, if you have a MOCpages and would like to join the contest, go annoy Bug, he's the Judge.

I bid luck to my opponents!

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