I'm not allowed to upload the images, so i can only link to it.


Series 3

  • 75006 Kamino & Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfigher (R4-P17 Astromech Droid)

Nice to see LEGO utilizing the SNOT technique, but it looks sort of "Meh" to me. Just not very exiting. And including an Astromech is just plain lazy.

  • 75007 Coruscant & Republic Assault Striker (Republic Trooper Pilot)

Much better, probably my favorite of Series 3. I especially like the look of Coruscant in the background.

  • 75008 Asteroid Field & TIE Bomber (TIE Pilot)

I've had enough mini TIE Bombers, we need a new TIE Bomber set.

Series 4

  • 75009 Hoth & Snowspeeder (Snowspeeder Pilot)

The Snowspeeder is gigantic, and the window is puny. As far as scale goes, this is almost as bad as the new AT-RT set, which I'm quite unhappy about.

  • 75010 Endor & B-Wing Starfighter (B-Wing Pilot)

Like the A-Wing, I don't remember a B-Wing being in the movie. I don't even understand why it's called a B-Wing, the wings are more shaped like a +.

  • 75011 Aldeeran & Tantive IV (Rebel Trooper)

My favorite of Series 4. The mini Tantive is pretty good. A Rebel Trooper included in the set makes sense, but I have plenty of them from the battle pack that was made a while back, and I've found they're pretty useless for customized minifigs.

Credit goes to User:MewDestroy for finding this on BrickExtra.

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