So, recently, Berrybrick got blocked from Wikia for a bit, for making changes to the CSS. It was a pretty critical and easy to notice change. So then Wikia, fearing for its own safety, cancels EVERY administrator's account, for fear of vandalism.

Seriously. That was a stupid move.

I can understand Wikia wanting to keep itself safe from vandalism, but this was taking it waaaaaay too far. If something does happen, can't they just revert it and de-sysop the culprit, rather than taking away the rights of people that could have helped this wiki here. I was honestly planning on staying to help out here until that happened. I honestly didn't hate Wikia 24 hours ago. Now I realized again what I realized during the first move - this wiki is in a state of martial law, and all of its editors are too.

So, now I'm leaving. I may check in here every so often, but for now, this is goodbye. You'll find me on Brickimedia, where I can actually do my job without getting blocked or desysoped without reason, or on MOCpages, where I can't lose control of the things I made myself.

Flying off to a better life now, --Jay

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