Yay, new set images. And guess what, THEY ALL HAVE PURPLE!

70720 Air Breaks

70720 1

"Air Breaks". Seriously? I thought "Kai Fighter" was bad.

So, Cole is running around on foot because he's he's trying to be a buff man, and he suddenly breaks wind. This causes A Nindroid ship above him to fall to the ground, and makes him lose his headscarf. They fight.

This is apparently the cheap stuff set of the year. Fortunately, it also has the mask with the best uses. And a magic saw blade on a chain. Oh, and a REAL Saw blade! In SILVER!

I'm probably going to get this.

70724 NinjaCopter

70724 1

So, Zane with ripped face. It kinda makes sense that it's the same part that got ripped off by the Great Devourer, the tape would be unstable. There's a new character with grey hair. Zane's girlfriend maybe? that case, she's got a face only a robot could love.

We get a big, weirdly shaped ship. With turbines. And rocket launchers. And one HUGE cockpit element. There's also General Cryptor and another Nindroid. With one of those red axes. They're a bit more believable than magic saw blades. Oh, and a one-brick Falcon.

70725 Nindroid MechDragon

70725 1
70725 2

Well, I have good news and bad news. Good news is, we get good Garmadon. Bad news is, Sensei's bad.

Or is that a good thing?

The dragon actually looks better than a lot of Chima vehicles, because they didn't try incorporating an animal head into a normal machine, they made the head separate and made the machine be a machine. Lots of gears and saws and stuff. Garmadon drives a little car, and Lloyd, who is totally unprotected, fires his lazars.

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