SuperSpyX's monthly contest.

Hi everyone, I will be doing monthly contests starting this month and proceeding indefinitely.

Theme for March Military vehicles

This month's contest is to build a military ground vehicle, past, present or future. Please have at least two pictures with different perspectives. Enter before March 25th, results will be posted sometime between the 25th and 31st.



  • Must be a ground vehicle -jeep, tank, truck, mech, etc.- having wheels, tracks or legs, no hovering vehicles, planes, boats, etc.
  • Vehicle must not exceed 32x32 studs.
  • Entry can be a model of a real vehicle or an imaginary one.
  • Vehicles must be roughly minifigure scale and include at least one minifigure.
  • One entry with one vehicle per user.
  • No scenery please.
  • Entries can be built in LDD or real life.
  • Must put name of vehicle, type, use, and time period (past, present or future) with your entry. Can include short description.
  • Must have at least 2 and no more than 5 pictures in different perspectives
  • Custom Lego accessories - BrickArms, BrickForge - ARE allowed.
  • Official sets may only be used with extensive modifications.


Gold Fedora
You have been awarded a Gold Fedora! This award is only given to first place winners of SuperSpyX's contests. Excellent work!

<optional comment goes here>
- SuperSpyX

Silver Fedora
You have been awarded a Silver Fedora! This award is given to second place winners of SuperSpyX's contests. Nice work.

<optional comment goes here>
- SuperSpyX

Bronze Fedora
You have been awarded a Bronze Fedora! This award is given to third place winners of SuperSpyX's contests. Good job.

<optional comment goes here>
- SuperSpyX

Black Fedora
You have been awarded a Black Fedora! This award is given to fourth place or lower winners of SuperSpyX's contests. Thanks for participating.

<optional comment goes here>
- SuperSpyX

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