Ok, as some of you may know, I got blocked for a week from Bricki. I am both happy and sad about this; happy, because I was very addicted and it was "slightly" hurting my life, so the block kinda brought me to my senses. I am sad because I lost 141/200 days for the badge, I guess I was never meant to earn it, FOUR lost tries. ;(

So anyway, as the title says, I will be going semi-active for a while. I am not leaving, I will be back. Don't know how long, probably two weeks-month, somewhere in there. The reasons are varied. One, I never actually deliberately TRY to PA anybody, I just don't realize that what I am saying is a PA. It makes me very discouraged when I do, and now that I lost 141 days I am feeling quite discouraged and feel I should take a break. Two, I have been devoting WAY too much time to Bricki, taking away from my life, which isn't exactly good. Three, my life is very busy right now: our cousins are coming for a visit, there are a lot of things needing to be done, I have a job I work once or twice a week, I have to finish a LOT of wips, I am designing tracks for SuperTuxKart (a Linux racing game), and I am busy with MOCpages. I will occasionally edit and be on chat here, but most of my time will be spent on MOCpages and on SuperTuxKart.

Please don't leave stupid comments like "don't leave!" or "hooray!" or "...", I really don't want to make any more PAs.

Au revoir,


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