I have had it. As Cligra and Czechmate have said, I will not, nor ever edit on this wiki again. The reasons for this are as follows. 1. In the relatively short time we have been gone, Brickipedia has already descended into a cesspool of vandals, trolls, wrecked content and trash of all kinds. Everything has stalled and the work required to return it would be way too much. 2. About Wikia-basicly what Cligra said in slightly more polite terms. Wikia cares next to nothing about the editors or even the wikis. They just care about the money and publicity they get. They will allow nothing to get in their way, even completely blocking users who threaten their power. 3. I had made lots of high-quality edits on 'Media, including several C2 and C1 articles because I was trying to become a QCG member. The loss of all my hard work was a very bad blow.

My first feelings when I learned of the hackings was pretty close to blind rage against the bastards who did this despicable idiot thing that probably had no reward for them other than just ruining other people's hard work. I wanted to find them and beat the crap out of their rotten worthless hides. I wanted to send them an email with a deadly virus that would wipe their computers clean so they could know how it feels to lose all their work. It would serve the dirty scum right.

I was also very angry at the stupid people who said our work was backed up and then never did so. I think we should ask for a refund of the money that they took and was then wasted by their ineptitude. They are little better than Wikia, little more than money and empty promises.

I am sick and tired of all the idiots who are glad 'Media was destroyed. At the hypocritical and miserly Wikia and Ramnode. At all the stupid vandals and trolls who have pointless and worthless lives with nothing better to do than destroy. All the scum seems to have congregated to attack, infiltrate and destroy us.

Thanks to all my friends and compatriots on Bricki and 'Media. It was a good time while it lasted. I may still occasionally come on Bricki chat, and when 'Media comes back I will definitely return, but for now this is X reporting out and going undercover. Au Revoir.


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