Hey, FOLs!

Jake's fiction: I would like to introduce to you: The Republic of Mojävea. (That's pronounced "moh-HAH-via.") This micronation that I have made is comprised of a single mountain in the middle of the Mojave Desert in California, Arizona, and Nevada. To guard this new nation, Mojävean officials have collaborated with a small Danish company by the name of LEGO to design military vehicles.

The truth: This is a new, semi-daily blog that I have come up with, entirely devoted to military LEGO. NOTE: I am in no way trying to claim these creations as my own.

First up: this thing!

Tank i

The first addition to our army.

Jake's fiction: This is the RMT San Pedro. The first vehicle in the MDF:LD, or Mojävean Defense Force: Land Division, This 4th generation tank is the best of the best. with its patented Potenseea4 main gun, it is accurate from up to 3 miles.

The truth: I'm sorry, flickr is blocked on my computer, if someone can give me information about this MOC, I would greatly appreciate it! You can find it here. [1]

Thanks for visiting!

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