Hey there guys, I just wanted to share a few TMNT set ideas, There is only one set based on Season 1, Hope you like!!

Double Mutation Tank

Uh oh! Dogpound has just been exposed to a second Mutation! He has transformed and became the Monstrous howler, Rahzar! Help Mikey and Donnie take him down before its too late!

Figs: Baxter with collar, Dogpound, Donnie, Mikey and Rahzar. Price: £40.00,$42.99 Pieces:589

Derp Station of Doom

April Derp has been released to cause mayhem for the Turtles! Defeat her with the trapdoor and save April before the Kraang turn her into an experiment!

Figs: April with white suit, April Derp (New figure mold), Raph and KraangDroid Price: £35.00,$37.99 Pieces:459

TCRI Mega Set!

This Mega Set is the biggest TMNT set ever to exist! Comes with the TCRI building with Detachable Top Floor Roof! Use all 4 turtles and their Gadgets to take out the Kraang Portal once and for all!!!

Figs: Leo, Donnie, Mikey, Raph, KraangDroid (x3), Floating Kraang (x4), Kraang Prime (Buildable with Stickers) and Traag. Price:£175.00, $180.00 Pieces: 2562

Hope ya liked, :)

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