One of the worse decisions I think Lego has made as a company was when they discontinued BIONICLE.Bionicle was at one of the their best moments because the Glatorian were very cool and after those you could of gone back to the original Toa or the Toa Metru/Toa Hordika.Maybe if they went back to Jaller (Disambiguation) and his friends it could have worked out.One of the things that bothers me about hero factory is that the characters are always the same,talking about that another thing that bothers me is that the summer 2011 storyline was very similar to the Mistika storyline.If lego would recontinue BIONICLE it would be the storyline would be very interesting.Tell me what you think.THEGREENNINJA1 23:16, April 30, 2012 (UTC)THEGREENNINJA1

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