What Marvel sets would you like to come out?I would want to see a Fantastic Four set with The Human Torch,Thing,Dr.Doom,Mr.Fantastic,and Invisible Woman.I would also like to see more Avengers sets because I would want to see other characters like Nick Fury,Phil Coulson,and Maria Hill.I would love it if they would make more X-MEN sets with characters including Sabretooth,Colossus,Iceman,Nightcrawler,Cyclops,Beast,Professor X,and Storm.It would be cool if they made more Ultimate Spiderman sets with Nova,White Tiger,Luke Cage,Iron Spider,and other villains.If they made the Spideycycle it would be great.Back to the Avengers if they made the hellicarrier and more sets with Hulk and Black Widow it would be cool.Maybe some classic Avengers would be cool with Black Panther,Vision,Ms.Marvel,Scarlet Witch,Ant-Man,and Wasp.Tell me what you think.THEGREENNINJA1 04:00, April 24, 2012 (UTC)THEGREENNINJA1

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