Here I've decided to ask you about some Ninjago episodes for 1.1

1.Zane's Problem: Zane's computers malfunction and the ninja have to decide what to do with their friend.

2.Garmadon's Return: Lord Garmadon returns with the golden weapons and is stronger than ever.

3.Venomari Factory: The ninja find a factory controlled by the Venomari which makes weapons with Venomari venom inside.

4.Robot Trouble: When scientist decide to clone serpentine as test dummies which turn out to be worst than expected.

5.Lloyd's Secret: When Lloyd builds another Destiny Bounty as a secret it doesn't go as planned when Garmadon finds it and turns it into his fortress.

Tell me what you think and leave your votes below and three votes per user. The voting ends May 4th and results will be anounced the same or the following dayTHEGREENNINJA1 01:45, April 26, 2012 (UTC)THEGREENNINJA1

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