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  • I live in Charlotte, N.C.
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is Online gamer and longtime follower of Brickipedia
  • I am Male
  • TaskyCrafter

    Hey guys it's TaskyCrafter again, I know I havent been active on this Wiki but I have been busy on Youtube and SoundCloud (Here are the links to my Profiles if you want them: SoundCloud:, YouTube:, also the last time I tried to make something on here it got deleted so I not doing any more for now. So yeah I might not be active for a while but I want to be for now to do a thing. Introducing: The Future Physical Minifigure prediction! (Sarcastic cheer)! Now I am not saying or guaranteeing that any of these people will be released sometime later in 2017, 2018, or 2019, but I am 99.99% positive that Lego will make all of these physical Minifigures…

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  • TaskyCrafter

    So today I will be talking about what I expect in the next Lego Dimentions game or at least the next few waves of Lego Dimensions and I will explain why I expect them (even though most of them may be unlikely):

    • Marvel
    • Star Wars
    • Nexo Knights
    • Angry Birds Movie
    • Gravity Falls
    • Short Circuit
    • Voltron Defender of the Universe
    • The Adventures of TinTin
    • Tron
    • Goosebumps
    • Lego Ninjago Movie
    • Spaceballs
    • Red Dwarf
    • Big Bang Theory
    • Undertale
    • Disney

    And now to explain why I expect them:

    Obviously because it is a popular comic theme just like DC Comics (ignoring the fact that it is already in the game). And I know that Disney Infinity already has Marvel and Star Wars in it, but they have to make an acception about this. Maybe they could even add characters that Disney Infinity…

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  • TaskyCrafter

    Attention Brickipeda users, I have a quest to assign to all of you that are willing to take it. As most of you are aware, there are said to be more waves for Lego Dimentions to come, here is a poster of most of the characters to come: Now, if you look carefully you will see that Lord Vortech is on that roster meaning that he might be a playable character soon. That however, is not what I'm talking about on this blog though. I predict that TT Games and Warner Bros. interactive WILL make an actual sequel to the game too, at the end of the first game someone touched a piece of Vortech making him the new Vortech. Some people have been saying that it was Bob, but I'm not buying it, the character clearly had a red arm with a normal flesh colore…

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  • TaskyCrafter

    Hi guys it's me TaskyCrafter, sorry you guys haven't heard from me in a while I've been busy with so much other stuff (and also I lost one of my electronic devices that I was able to use for a while, long story but lets not focus on that in this blog), I want to talk about what I have been doing lately, but first:

    Guess who's back, Back again, Tasky's back, Tell a friend, Guess who's back, guess who's back, Guess who's back, guess who's back, Guess who's back, guess who's back, Guess who's back, guess who's back, Guess who's back. (For those of you wondering, that was parodying one of the first verses of Eminem's song "Without Me". I just wanted to do that real quickly.).

    Anyways, I have been working on a YouTube channel "CaptainCrafter" o…

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  • TaskyCrafter

    Hey guys, so listen, I was hoping for some thing really cool, would they still have lego Marvel and DC comics sets? I mean, here could be more ideas on this stuff, If they made sets based on X-men Days of Future Past (or at least a Comic-con figure based on one of the figures), A Captain America 2 mini-Figure of The Winter Soldier, Sets based on Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, a Comic-con figure of one of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 characters, The new Batman Movies with Ben Affleck Batman, and some Justice League Sets, Can you let me know if you want any of this in the comment section below? Thank you.

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