Attention Brickipeda users, I have a quest to assign to all of you that are willing to take it. As most of you are aware, there are said to be more waves for Lego Dimentions to come, here is a poster of most of the characters to come:

Now, if you look carefully you will see that Lord Vortech is on that roster meaning that he might be a playable character soon. That however, is not what I'm talking about on this blog though. I predict that TT Games and Warner Bros. interactive WILL make an actual sequel to the game too, at the end of the first game someone touched a piece of Vortech making him the new Vortech. Some people have been saying that it was Bob, but I'm not buying it, the character clearly had a red arm with a normal flesh colored hand. So before the next wave (or possibly the next game) comes out, we need to find the new identity of this man:


So here is how, from now until next Saturday I will be holding a contest, search through all of Brickipeda to find any physical Minifigures that have these qualities: A normal Peach hand, and a Red arm. The character could also be from the waves announced in waves 6-9, post the pictures of the minifigure with those qualities in the comments of this blog (be sure to check the blog daily to make sure that you don't put a duplicate of this character). I will announce the most likely character(s) that might be the new Vortech. Good luck!

Update: Today is the Day where I have announced the winner of the person who most likely might be the new Vortech:


For his guess of Plastic Man or Shazam!. I believe it might be one of those two, and it would make sense too, because the first rift that was opened was the DC Comics world. Maybe Plastic Man or Shazam! saw Batman enter that portal, thought that he needed help, and went in to help him, accidentally got stuck on Vorton, and now one of them is the new Vortech. I would like to give second place to MLG Neo-Futurist for his guess (very clever joke), next blog I will start tomorrow. I will talk about what themes I expect for Lego Dimentions if they made something past wave 9 or a sequel to Lego Dimentions.

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