Where did my LEGO Matrix Video Game custom go?! I worked hard to starting to make it!

Let me just lay something out there. The Matrix was rated R, but it honestly shouldn't have been. There was some language, there wasn't even any F-bombs in the film, AND it just had a bit of blood, nothing serious, and some Sci-fi action. I've seen worse in a PG-13 film! Remember the scene in the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Remember when the Major melted. That was WAY worse than the blood that was in the Matrix by 500 miles. And they made a WHOLE LEGO THEME AND TWO VIDEO GAMES based around Indiana Jones. And the Sci-fi violence resembled something out of a PG-13 like I said. So if the R rating is the reason this got deleted, then watch/rewatch the Matrix, and you'll SEE what I'm talking about! Oh and another thing, outside of the US, most of the rating for the Matrix is other countries' version of the PG-13 rating. Just like they did with Indiana Jones, the language can be edited out for crying out loud!


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