Now nobody has put the logs for today yet so I will remember as much as possible, and when they come out I can quote it.

Ok so every time I go on chat I am always ignored or answered rudely. I got on today wondering if anyone would give me their opinion on 9445 Fangpyre Truck Ambush, because it is a expensive set, I wanted to know if anyone owned and was satisfied with their purchase. I got a immediate "Leave Ninjago Chat to PM's" and being curious what if I could have possibly offended anyone I asked "Is talking about Ninjago against the rules?" Awesomeknight1234 and Clone gunner commander jedi were the ones on and knight was basically saying I don't like Ninjago so you can't talk about it. They all said it was a bad theme and kicked this kid for saying he likes snakes better than skeletons. And Clone said, just stop arguing and then he kicked me. So I logged back on to see what my "offence" was and he is like its off topic you cant talk about it.

So I found a quote because I re logged from lag. So it showed that up on the screen:

Clone gunner commander jedi Bakon, END IT NOW! 10:27 Awesomeknight1234 ...What were we talking about?

10:27 TheBakonBitz dude why are you getting so mad, I asked a question? 10:28 Awesomeknight1234 I don't have that set, are you happy now? 10:28 Clone gunner commander jedi The set is terrible don't get, now end of that!

So as you can see they were both really rude and all I wanted was a opinion. The only admins that haven't been rude to me that I met is Czech and KoN. I don't know why so many people get angry over a question, or are rude for some reason but something needs to change.

And then he said to me

10:32 Clone gunner commander jedi Bakon, just go to the Ninjago Wiki or something

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