Hey guys TheBakonBitz here, I'm otherwise known as TheYellowNinja but I decided to start new and make a whole new account. Ok so lets talk about SDCC a lot of information was released. So lets start with the new DC Minifigures.

DC Minifigures

Marvel Minifigures

5 of The Hobbit Minifigures

Rancor Set Revealed

Minifigures Series 8

Wow lots of typing, well that wraps it up for my blog post. Even though this is old news i'm putting a picture of the Team GB because i'm going to bid on him on ebay in the next couple of days to fight my Boxer. Also I like the the US so I can't pick him up in stores so i'm gonna be paying like 7 bucks D:

Comment on your favorite DC, Marvel and Series 8 fig.

TheBakonBitz Brawny Boxer The Boxing Match Of A Lego LifetimeBoxerFliped

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