Sup guys TheBakonBitz here and today I'm telling you guys about my first RPG ever! Now it's a Ninjago RPG which focuses on Ninjaball Run, but there will also be knight and aliens if you don't like Ninjago.(Who doesn't??) So you sign up for a character and when the game starts you can move and attack. If all your health runs out you are ELIMINATED and out of the race. First team to make it to the end or last team standing wins! Oh I forgot to mention that there are teams. Basically they don't do much just you can't attack someone in your team. I might add something cool with team later. Thats about it and this game is still in development so its not fully done so themes are subject to change.

Check out a preview here.

And support it here. Make sure to support under Ninjaball Run tournament not the other ninjago ones.

Oh and supporters get early access to sign up for characters!

So thanks for reading my blog and hopefully I get enough supporters and I can make the game for you guys to play!

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