So, here it is. You wanted to see some of my work, so here it is. Enjoy.

Rillen leapt to the next pillar, then stopped to catch her breath. “I hope that this stone of yours is as important as you say.” Latrus used a short burst of wind to fling himself to the pillar to her right. “If the ancient texts are correct, then yes.”

“Ugg, I wish there wasn’t so much fog. I don’t like not being able to see what’s down there”, she took another leap, then continued. “You’re an air takaea, why don’t you just blow it away?”

“I already tried. It’s no ordinary fog; my powers don’t work on it. Someone, or something, put it here and didn’t want anyone to mess with it.”

“Great.” She took another leap, and then stopped. “What is that smell? It smells like something...” Her voice died away, and she looked at Latrus. Then she heard them. Claws, thousands of claws, scraping, scratching, hungry for flesh. It was the Undead of Dothak.

Latrus leapt to Rillen’s pillar. “Back to back!” He shouted while drawing his sword. Rillen drew her long knives, then stared bravely at the hideous shapes emerging from below.

“Why couldn’t I have gone with Rillen?” Lewan thought to himself as he took a leap to his next pillar. “Anything’s better than being stuck with hot-head and wolf-man.” He looked back at Valum and Marg. “Hey, wolfie, are you sure you know where you’re going?”

Marg, using his Lycan strength, jumped beside Lewan. “Shut it, you twerp, or I might just show you how wolfie I can be.”

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