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    Today this is my first script! (not everything is lego in my fanmade transformers series)

    Fan Made Transformers

    Series 1

    Episode 1

    Meanwhile, at a workshop…

    Steve: Wow! First day on the job.

    Sam: This is a great day to do our first job.

    Dynamite: So, first day on the job, what do we do Mustache Pig?

    Mustache Pig: For this job, your goal is to bring cars here and fix them. You’re fixing assistants will be Leonardo and Donatello. You will bring the cars here and Leonardo and Donatello will fix them.

    Sam, Dynamite and Steve: OK.

    (Sam, Dynamite and Steve go into the car hauler truck.)

    Steve: We know where some cars are that need to be fixed.

    (They start driving in the neighborhood.)

    Sam: Look, there’s one!

    (They drive over to the house.)

    Dynamite: T…

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