Hello everyone! Many of you reading this will not know me. But back in the day (1 and a half years ago) I was one of the most known Brickipedians, due to chat. I spent a lot of time on chat, but then early 2013 I left. I don't really know why, other things to do I guess, and eventually I just forgot about Brickipedia, forgot about Wikia. Earlier today I was thinking about my past then suddenly Brickipedia popped into my head. Once I got home I quickly rushed on and now I am here :D. I am active once more and I promise I will be on often. Many of my friends are now inactive, but I'm looking forward to making new friends! So, I am pleased to be back and to announce my triumphant return. The only bad thing is that I forgot how to do my signature :P. Oh well, nevertheless I am excited to be back!

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