765028 Clone Turbo Tank: So the clone trooper is new, and I am hoping he doesn't have the 2013 helmet ( holes for visors and rangefinders). He looks as if he has a new torso and leg print, and for the set itself, it seems like it could be cool with a medium sized turbo tank. I might buy two or three of these for the clone.

75029 AAT: We have an old droid pilot, so minifig wise, I may get only one of these. As for the AAT, I might get it just to have alongside the turbo tank, or for spare parts. I may want it a lot more than how much I think I do now. So as I said earlier, I may get only one (possibly two) of these sets.

75030 Millennium Falcon: Well, we have yet another Han Solo figure, so I may pick this one up for the new one (because Han is one of my favorite Star Wars characters). And, as this is the Millennium Falcon and has Han Solo, it's not really an army builder like the AAT and turbo tank, so only one of these.

75031 TIE Interceptor: Like I said for the turbo tank, I will probably get two of these Interceptors for two pilots (which ARE new) and to build a small TIE squadron.

75032 X-Wing Fighter: This one is pretty much like the above: I will probably get one or two for some X-Wing pilots and a small squadron. So two or three of these X-Wings will probably work for me.

75033 Imperial Star Destroyer: This one I will probably get one or two to get a duo of Imperials, because it seems that the more recent ones are in more expensive sets (the latest one I believe is in the 10212 Imperial Shuttle, which is $200+).

So that wraps it up for this part, look for part 2 with the battle packs and system sets coming soon.

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