i just can't think of what superhero i should make so instead,you request who you wanna see as a minifigure out of the marvel or DC universe. it can be any version of the character so be specific.if you a superhero who is many people,just say their name and surname and then what superhero you want to see them as (they have had to have been the superhero though). eg. a commenter could say "make miles morales as spiderman". also,if you want which universe the marvel characters are that you want them to be search up their hero name on...oh wait,i forgot,no advertising wikis. well if you wanna know what to do for that just PM me in chat. -wikan (ps. i know you can do your signature but my sig is old and i find it stupid and i don't know how to fix it)

(Note by CJC95 - Image was overwriting another and so has been removed.)

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