y'know how just about everyone has a custom minifig of themselves? well i made 2 of me,one normal and an armoured mode.the helmet in armoured mode is to sense anything invisible to the naked eye,or to track someone down.

if i had to give it a fictional background,it would be this:


he's kinda like batman at first,except all of his family members get killed at christmas time.then he gets put in an orphanage,which isn't importanat. he takes martial arts classes and is extremely good and a few years later he takes sword fighting. then he gets old enough to get a job and a house and all that jazz so he does. he becomes a masked avenger under the name of..... WIKAN!!!

he sneaks over to lexcorp and steals a prototype of lex's giant robot (a reference to a cartoon called megas xlr). he then is extremely good at building so he builds a car and a boat for transportation and also builds armour for tracking people down or seeing stuff invisible to the naked eye.

and then that's where the story begins.

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