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  • I live in The USA
  • I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is Homeschooling, and trying to build a new LU.
  • I am a guy
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    February 20, 2013 by The Drome

    I've heard that Brickipedia is moving and I'm really wanting to know why.If you ask me it sounds like an very dumb move. The ads really aren't that bad. And I think Wikia works perfect for our wiki. I've tried out other wikis that are of Wikia and I really think the software is really lame compared to what Wikia's software. Sure we'd have freedom but the moving process is probably going to be extremely hard. Getting all the information and media off of this site and moving it. And how long is it going to take to wipe all the content off of the wikia site? How long is it gonna take to get our site at the top of search engines? And seeing as this is a wiki; who is gonna pay for the server? That user could quit anytime, or be a sort of "leade…

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  • The Drome

    So Lego's has had come up with good marketing techniques and some really bad ones. Keep in mind this is not insulting any of the themes

    The reason why this theme failed is because there is noting fresh about this theme. No new pieces, no new ideas, just a bunch of what we've seen before in Water themes.

    Yup, action figures based off a weird TV show. People weren't ready for this style of barley Lego like figures. When I bought these guys I didn't even know there was a show it was so unpopular.

    This theme is almost like certain Racers sub-themes in the past only its own theme. Most of the aspects of this theme were actually pretty good all they needed to do was come up with design elements and a little more back story this theme could have be…

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  • The Drome

    Old School Month

    April 25, 2012 by The Drome

    I was looking around at all the most edited pages on the wiki. And I noticed everything on the wiki was about the future. Logo is of future sets, Most edits are on future products etc. But I was thinking, couldn't we focus on the past instead of the future? So I came up with this idea.

    Yup, its gonna be about the things from the past. It will have a main theme which will probably be based on what old theme needs the most cleaning up. Or the most red bricks. In this month we will change the logo to a one based on past theme. And encourage editors to to edit the assigned old school pages. (Which will be voted on)

    So Admins please consider my idea I hope that it will be in August and happen every year after.

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  • The Drome

    The Blog Post

    April 15, 2012 by The Drome

    This is not just any blog post. This is the Blog Post to end all blog posts. This is not spam. This is the beginning to a new era of epic blog posts that no mortal has ever seen before. And it begins here. Now all blog posts have changed. These are no longer blog posts these are Blogorious blog posts. And all the wimpy Primitive blog posts will be crushed. If you wish to upgrade your blog posts to Blogorious ones you must put the word Blogorious in the category box. Now, Everyone that uses Blogorious blogs will rule the world of Brickipedia blogs. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!Blogorious

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  • The Drome

    The Green Ninja is....

    March 31, 2012 by The Drome

    I've been doing some research to figure out who really is the Green ninja. I'll admit I'm tired of hearing it: no he's the green ninja! No he is! I mean come on it's not really a big deal. So, Its finally time to tell who exactly is he green ninja: Here are the facts:

    He wears green.

    He has tall legs which knocks out Loyd.

    He listens to Lady Gaga.

    And he breaths.

    So that makes an obvious conclusion that the green ninja is......................................DrumRoll.............................................

    The Green Ninja is The Green Ninja! Duh! its so obvious!

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