I've heard that Brickipedia is moving and I'm really wanting to know why.If you ask me it sounds like an very dumb move. The ads really aren't that bad. And I think Wikia works perfect for our wiki. I've tried out other wikis that are of Wikia and I really think the software is really lame compared to what Wikia's software. Sure we'd have freedom but the moving process is probably going to be extremely hard. Getting all the information and media off of this site and moving it. And how long is it going to take to wipe all the content off of the wikia site? How long is it gonna take to get our site at the top of search engines? And seeing as this is a wiki; who is gonna pay for the server? That user could quit anytime, or be a sort of "leader" who would most likely become power hungry after a while and see himself as "Da Boss who every one should obey cause I own the wiki." Which wiki's are supposed to be more orientated on many users coming together and working as a team. Democracy not socialism. And of course to pay for this site we would pretty much have to use ads to keep it up. Which ironically ads are the number one complaint on this wiki. So as of right now I'm not for it unless any one can give me a good list of things we could do outside of wikia.

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