Main Wikia problems:

  • Only thousandths (1000, 2000 sets, ect.) or hundreds of thousands (100000, 200000 sets, and ect.) category. The solution of the problem: Expand the category (2100 sets and etc.).
  • The lack of licenses and categories in images. The solution of the problem: Add categories and licenses.
  • Few high-quality images in articles. The solution of the problem: Add and replace images.
  • Superfluous category. The solution of the problem: Remove category.
  • Inactive and bad administrators. The solution of the problem: Only we can decide.

I propose to remove the rights of all administrators and bureaucrats. They destroyed Wikia. They are not active. They have created hundreds of problems. Brickpedia dies. Only together we can solve them. I am ready to take on the responsibilities of the administrator and bureaucrat. If you have been supporting LEGO and believe that the current administration should be removed from office, express your opinion.

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